Your support reached a beloved maternity nurse

  • Dec 5, 2023

You will be smiling as you read this update from our team in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

And you will be filled with joy to know that the healthy and adorable newborn babies in the photos — and their loving mothers — were cared for by a dedicated and selfless nurse who is thankful for the support and training that caring people like you made possible. Her name is Eugene Basa-Mbongo. 

This is Ikopo and his mother Marie Basa-Ituku. Marie couldn’t make it to a hospital in time for Ikopo’s birth, so she delivered him at home. When Marie began to hemorrhage, she made her way to the hospital with baby Ikopo and was taken in immediately by Nurse Eugene. Marie would have likely died if it wasn’t for Nurse Eugene and the team she leads at the hospital. 

This is Sanse, pictured here at just 3 days old, and her mother, Ikopo Nsimba. Mother and daughter were doing well because of the skilled and comforting care of Nurse Eugene and her maternity team. 

And this is Eugene Basa-Mbongo, pictured with her team at the Dekese General Hospital in the Congo. Eugene is the manager of the maternity ward, where she has worked for more than 20 years. 

Eugene is beloved by her team and her community. When a maternity nurse at another health center determines there are complications during a delivery, they rush the mother to Dekese General to see Nurse Eugene. 

That’s because nurses throughout the region know that Nurse Eugene has the skill and experience to perform emergency c-sections and care for sick and premature newborns. 

She has delivered countless babies, but only recently learned how to use a partograph — a tool for monitoring the mother and baby during labor and is a vital aid for detecting complications. Eugene and her team have all now been trained to use a partograph. 

Nurse Eugene’s new skill is all thanks to compassionate friends like you, who give hardworking health workers what they need to do their jobs and save lives.   

Thank you for being a friend and ally to health care heroes around the world, like Nurse Eugene.  

Please remember, having you as part of our team keeps life savers going — and it makes you one too.