We keep women and children safe and healthy

Mothers in poor communities are dying in childbirth and from treatable, preventable conditions. And when they do, their children's futures — and lives — are at risk.

The health and well-being of a woman has a direct impact on the health and well-being of her children, family and community. We deliver reliable access care and services women need to be healthy throughout their lives.

Prenatal care and skilled deliveries

We provide training for health workers on emergency obstetric and newborn care and educate communities on essential services for pregnant women and their babies.

Early childhood health care

Globally, preventable infectious diseases remain a leading cause of death for children under age five. We work with clinics to reach mothers and their young children with lifesaving immunizations, medical care and nutrition support.

Malaria prevention

Young children and pregnant women account for most malaria deaths. In the past decade, we’ve distributed more than 7.5 million nets and provided preventive care for 1.6 million pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa.

Services for survivors of gender-based violence

We provide medical care and psychosocial counseling, as well as job skills training, microloans and other support to help survivors obtain financial independence.

You make this work possible

Every vaccine given ... every baby delivered safely ... every life saved ... is because of your generosity.

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