At a hospital in Chernihiv, a city in Ukraine that has been the target of multiple bombings, staff unload medical supplies that your support made possible.

Corus medical supplies equip health workers in Ukraine

    August 15 — Corus World Health has delivered urgently-needed medical supplies, including surgical and wound care kits, IV kits, and oxygen masks, to a hospital in Chernihiv. A city that is two hours' drive from the Russian and Belarusian borders, Chernihiv has been targeted by bombing several times over the course of the war. The supplies will equip the hospital's staff to treat thousands of injured patients. 

    "Ukrainians have suffered tremendously, and its health workers need our support,” says Daniel Speckhard, President and CEO of Corus World Health. “Our donors are ensuring that life savers can save lives."

    Medicine and supplies to aid displaced families in Ukraine

    To help those who fled their homes but are still in Ukraine, Corus is partnering with the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine to pay the cost of shelter, food, and basic medical supplies at centers for displaced families. Corus is also shipping medicines to treat chronic diseases like high blood pressure.

    Corus staff continue to identify key gaps in the availability of health services. To meet these needs, Corus will send mobile clinic teams to provide specialized medical care and mental health services in hard-to-reach areas.

    Through a Corus partnership with the UN’s refugee agency and Lutheran World Federation, Ukrainian refugees in Poland are receiving direct cash transfers. Starting in May 2022, refugees registered at sites in Poland for codes to withdraw their cash grants from Polish ATMs. Many refugees plan to use some of these cash grants for medicine and health care. To protect vulnerable Ukrainians from traffickers and sexual violence, trained staff at the cash grant sites direct refugee women to support services if they have faced sexual exploitation and abuse. 

    Corus will continue to expand its outreach to Ukrainians and also to people in countries facing the ripple effects caused by the war, including surging prices in staple foods and fuel.