Meet the lifesaving team and take a tour of our mobile clinic in Ukraine.

  • Jan 18, 2024

Since 2022, thanks to generous support from people like you, skilled medical teams have been reaching Ukrainian families in areas hardest hit by the war, including in newly liberated areas. These are areas where there is a critical shortage of medical care because doctors and nurses have fled or have been killed.  

The teams operate out of existing clinics and medical centers. And where health facilities have been destroyed by bombs, they operate out of a state-of-the-art mobile clinic.  

This lifesaving clinic would not exist without you. From transforming a tractor trailer into a traveling health center to staffing the clinic with skilled medical workers — it is all possible because of caring people like you. 

Our team of specialists includes a cardiologist, ophthalmologist, psychologist and an OB/GYN who is also an ultrasound specialist. The staff rotate on and off in two-week shifts, treating as many patients as possible. 

Powered by your generosity, our mobile clinic staff are true heroes in the face of war. The hardworking team has reached more than 5,000 people in need of medical care.   

Doctor looking in camera

Dr. Vitalij Olkhovyk is an OB/GYN and ultrasound specialist at the mobile clinic. He’s also a life saver. He’s been able to diagnose three cases of cervical cancer, one case of breast cancer and an aortic aneurysm. In each case, the patient was referred to the nearest functioning hospital for treatment. He reflects, "There was a patient today who said, I want to hug you. They realize you are providing them with high-quality care, and they would have no access to it otherwise.

Doctor looking in camera

Dr. Oksana Rudenko, an ophthalmologist, says she is scheduled to see 14-16 patients a day, but she generally makes time for 20 or more due to the enormous demand. Although she is reluctant to say it, the pace and pressure of serving in a war zone is physically and emotionally exhausting. That's partly because she cares so much. In addition to her patients' medical concerns, many are desperate to share their stories with her. Of course, she does her best to listen and provide whatever support she can. 

One patient stands out in her memory. He visited the mobile clinic twice in the same week for two different but serious issues. He was not able to find a local doctor to help, but our mobile clinic was able to squeeze him in. 

"His gratitude made me cry," she recalls. 

Doctor looking in camera

Oleksii Bordunov serves as the mobile clinic's onsite general manager. Oleksii works hard to schedule the clinic in communities as far east as possible, toward Russian occupied territory, to reach those who otherwise have been forgotten. 

He explains, "It is essential to help people who have stayed in their homes, no matter what. They live under shelling. They live after the occupation, a terrible occupation when the Russians just wanted to kill them because they were Ukrainians … We will support these people and visit them under any circumstances. And we will be very grateful if you, for your part, can help us … in this humanitarian struggle. Because let me emphasize once again, war is not just about the frontline. It is also about people who stay here and need our help.

Thank you for being a friend and ally to health care heroes around the world.  

Having you as part of our team keeps life savers going — and it makes you one too.  

On behalf of all of us at Corus World Health, thank you for equipping life savers to save lives.